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Expansion Package - £1,200

What Sets Us Apart

Ready to take a significant leap in your digital marketing efforts? Our Expansion Package is designed for businesses that want to amplify their online presence and convert traffic into loyal customers. With twenty hours of dedicated expertise, we’ll help you achieve your growth goals. Here’s what you can expect:

PPC Services

  • Advanced Management and Optimization of Google Ads and Bing Ads Campaigns, Including A/B Testing: Elevate your PPC campaigns with our advanced management strategies. We’ll continuously optimize your ads, perform A/B testing to find the best-performing versions, and ensure your campaigns are cost-effective and conversion-focused.

Paid Social Ads

  • Creation, Management, and Optimization of Multiple Social Ad Campaigns Across Platforms: Reach and engage your audience on various social platforms. We’ll handle the creation, management, and optimization of several ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, ensuring your message is compelling and your budget is well-spent.

LinkedIn Ads

  • Comprehensive Management and Performance Optimization of LinkedIn Ads: Dominate the professional arena with expertly managed LinkedIn ads. Our comprehensive approach includes detailed performance tracking and ongoing optimization to drive high-quality leads and increase your brand’s authority.

The Expansion Package is perfect for businesses ready to expand their digital reach and achieve substantial growth. Invest in this package to build a stronger online presence and see tangible results in your conversions. Ready to elevate your digital strategy? Contact us today!

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