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Image of Kuro Onwuteaka the founder of Ennko

Meet the founder

Hi I'm Kuro, Ennko's founder and your digital marketing maestro. With my marketing experience spanning a decade, my journey in the marketing world has seen me operating in various industries and crafting unique strategies. From bustling ecommerce stores and insightful educational companies to heartwarming charities and creative book publishers, my versatility has been put to the test and I can gladly now say is quite extensive.

I strongly believe that businesses of all sizes, regardless of their budget, should have access to the full spectrum of digital marketing opportunities, especially in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. It's this conviction that fueled my zest to start Ennko in 2024 and supercharge digital marketing campaigns to create more impact.

With a background in Sales, Business Development, and Customer service, I'm endowed with a rare insight into the multifaceted dynamics of business operations. This unique perspective allows me and my team to craft digital marketing strategies that don’t operate in isolation but work in harmony with your entire business ecosystem.

Let's work together on your business goals and concerns so we can create more impact together.

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